This Privacy Policy describes the policies and procedures of the Tehda Android app.

Use of the TeuxDeux service

Tehda acts as a client application for the TeuxDeux web application.  Tehda is not owned by, promoted by, or endorsed by TeuxDeux.  Your use of TeuxDeux is governed by its own Privacy Policy, available at (

What Information is collected by Tehda?

Information:

When you sign in to Tehda using your TeuxDeux credentials, your username and password are transmitted to TeuxDeux securely over HTTPS.  Your password is used only for this login and is not retained for any time after a login.  Your username is stored on your device so that you may log in again at a future time without re-entering the username.  This username is never used for anything else, or transmitted to any other service except the TeuxDeux login service.

User Content:

The content you view and generate in Tehda (your “todos”) is stored and retrieved from the TeuxDeux backend service.  Local copies are stored on your device for a better experience.  

Anonymous demographic information:

Tehda uses Firebase Analytics to collect anonymous information about your use of the app for experience improvement purposes.  This information includes, but is not limited to: country of use, gender, and age.  This information is not sold to or disclosed to third parties other than Firebase.  This information is not used for advertising purposes.

How Can I Delete My Account?

To delete Tehda, simply delete the application from your Android device.  To delete your TeuxDeux account, please do so on the website (

What if I Have Questions or Concerns?

If you have questions about your privacy or the handling of your information within the Tehda application, please contact