Introducing JeuxDeux – an Android TeuxDeux client

Try JeuxDeux, the best way to use TeuxDeux on Android.

Are you the type who keeps your todo list as a simple list? You’ve tried other apps but you don’t want to waste time setting categories, priorities, color codes, and the like.

Try TeuxDeux. It’s a simple, designy, todo app that presents your todo list as just that. A list.


Changing the “due date” of an item is as simple as dragging it from today’s list, to tomorrow’s. ¬†Changing “priority” is a simple as dragging your most important todo to the top of the list.

Drag an item to a new day, or a new order in today's list.

If you like TeuxDeux and you’re an Android user, try JeuxDeux, the best way to use TeuxDeux on Android. ¬†Buy it from the Android Market today.

Scan this QR code from your Android phone to find JeuxDeux in the Market
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One thought on “Introducing JeuxDeux – an Android TeuxDeux client”

  1. Thanks so much for making this for Android users! My only reservation is I wish there was an offline mode, as I often jot something down and exit the application only to discover that it was not saved. The current method of opening the app, refreshing to see the to-do list, adding a note, then refreshing again to save is time-consuming. I did not use TeuxDeux on iOS so I don’t know how this compares, but I would love it to be a bit more hassle-free. However, still worth the money to keep my scattered head in order!

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